"14-year-old Parkview High School Freshman, Caleb Christian was concerned about the number of incidents of police abuse in the news.  Still, he knew there were many good police officers in various communities, but had no way of figuring out which communities were highly rated and which were not.  

So, together with his two older sisters: Parkview High School senior Ima Christian, and Gwinnett School of Math, Science, and Technology sophomore, Asha Christian, they founded a mobile app development company– Pinetart Inc., under which they created a mobile app called Five-O.

Five-O, allows citizens to enter the details of every interaction with a police officer.  It also allows them to rate that officer in terms of courtesy and professionalism and provides the ability to enter a short description of what transpired.  These details are captured for every county in the United States. Citizen race and age information data is also captured.

Additionally, Five-O allows citizens to store the details of each encounter with law enforcement; this provides convenient access to critical information needed for legal action or commendation.”

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I totally just got drunk and cried about my students.

I know everyone likes to talk shit about the coming generations, but they are good and smart and accepting, and they’re everything that we weren’t.


I know everyone thinks they suck for some reason, but I see two hundred of them per day, and I can tell you from experience that this generation is one of the best I’ve ever seen.

And I don’t want to be like the people who came before me. I I want to do whatever I can to pave the way for them and make life easier for them. I don’t want them to have to graduate into a fucking oligarchy. I love them. And I want them to do well and to have all the opportunities I didn’t.


I love kids. I love my students. They are amazing people. But this fucking abusive school system is essentially forcing me to quit by weighing me down with all this bullshit.

What should I do?

Got super drunk and talked at length about how corporations have literally patented amino acids in our bodies before I have to go teach 200 students tomorrow.

Good fucking times.

Man, I don’t even give a fuck anymore. We’re talking about Gaza in Debate 1. We’re talking about Ferguson.

We’re fucking TALKING about systemic racism and the fact that we live in a goddamn oligarchy, because my kids are 99% minority students and they’ve got to fucking know.

My students are going to be educated as fuck and I’m probably going to get fired eventually, but I’m going to change lives, goddammit.